Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Kilmany, Logie, Forret Den

Sunday morning was beautiful and I explored a new walk which I hoped would take me to Forret Den, to look for Gagea lutea, Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem. I headed along the old railway line from Kilmany, enjoying the bird song and trees beginning to stir into life.

Then I walked along the edge of what had been a field of willows. All still rooted, so maybe another crop coming?

Up the road to Logie – steep, hot in the sun, but there was a lovely wee scilla halfway up, all dewy.

There were skylarks singing over the fields, and the views were great.

I love the colours at this time of year – just takes a bit of sun to show them off.

There was a larch full of cones but few buds, and next to it, a larch full of buds but no cones.

I started wondering about this, then saw an alder with magnificent catkins but few old cones next to one with lots of cones but scrappy little catkins.

Still wondering if this is a real thing, or a coincidence.

The view down the path was great.

Beautiful lichen colours.

And of course I couldn’t resist all the mosses…

Or this moss-covered farm building…

Somehow, though, I managed to walk right past Forret Den…so I went back today.

Sadly, no sign of Gagea lutea (abundant there in 1873, according to Mr Sadler who presented specimens to the Botanical Society of Edinburgh). Maybe too early, or maybe not there at all.

But I did find a rather nice Black Spleenwort fern.

There were also lots of promising leaves, so I might go back for another look later. The top of the den has been used for fly tipping, but the lower part was untouched.


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