Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Plant hunting season is open

I went out with Margaret and Dorothy to see Dorothy’s “square” – an excellent chance to shake off the winter rustiness and start remembering all the things I’d forgotten about plants.

The morning was pretty cold for botanising, but we ignored that and worked our way though identifications for a speedwell, a red nettle and a little white crucifer. Some mystery leaves defeated us. Margaret reckons Fumaria?

In the woods, the bluebell carpet was just beginning to colour up. There were anemones, wood sorrel, primroses, and lots of exciting leaves, including adoxa moschatelina. And in the next plot, we found it in flower. (Wish I’d had my camera, not just my phone.)

Lucky Dorothy has the river Ore going through her square. Down by its banks, there was crosswort, with its lovely furry leaves so neatly arranged.

There was butterbur, white nettle, and celandine.

Greater stitchwort.

Hawthorn just about ready to flower.

In the field above, there was something new for me (major excitement!) – Parsley piert, Aphanes arvensis, tiny little thing.

We finished up on a hillside bank which will be lovely in a month or two, judging by the leaves in the grass. And there were primroses and celandine in the meantime.


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