Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Early summer at Elie

All of a sudden (it feels) there are flowers everywhere. Down at Elie on Sunday, I was spoilt for choice.

There was the re-discovery of the Pink Sorrel, Oxalyis articulata.

Then a patch of Common Vetch, Viccia sativa…

…which was growing into a patch of geranium, Small-flowered/Pusillum I think, but not sure.

One of the books says it should have five stamens without anthers – I’m not seeing that.

There’s still some scurvygrass, this one wedged into a crack in the rock.

I was trying to work out if it’s Danish, Common, or a hybrid. If the seed pods are narrowed at both ends, like plums, it could be Danish (Cochlearia danica). If they’re globular, narrowed into the style, it could be Common (Cochlearia officinalis).

I think these are narrower at the top than the bottom…which end is the style? And they do look quite like plums…so confusing. The plants were so stunted I couldn’t really check whether the stem leaves are stalked and ivy-shaped (Danish) or clasping the stem (Common).

And of course, it could be a hybrid.

There was also Bucks-horn plantain and Sea plantain – but it was so sunny that the pictures didn’t work out. So warm that I ended up carrying the fleece I’d foolishly put on. At least I’d decided against the woolly hat.


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