Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Arbroath cliffs

I’ve never been along the cliffs at this time of year – it was just as good as I expected. Nice outing with the wild flower group on a beautiful sunny day, which came as a lovely surprise after a series of grey ones.

We saw Wood vetch, purple stripy, with tendrils, on the steps down to the beach (sadly, no picture).

I did take a few pictures of some of the other highlights.

A long-distance shot of Carline thistle growing on the opposite cliff – my first time seeing this plant.

There was a whole spread of Clustered Bellflower, with its deep purple blue flowers.

Wild carrot is one of my favourites, even without the raspberry jam blob in the middle.

And I’ve never seen Hedge Bedstraw, Galium mollugo, as tall and abundant as this.

Add to this the strange harebells, Musk Mallow, Pellitory on the wall, Kidney Vetch – wonderful.


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