Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Centaury at Tentsmuir

Had a quick, rather tired Friday afternoon walk just to see what’s out at Tentsmuir – there’s always something to see/learn/ponder over/marvel at…

The grass of parnassus is just coming into flower, loads of it again this year just down from Kinshaldy car park. I just couldn’t resist a couple of photos. It’s so perfect.

There was loads of centaury too. This time, I think I’ve got the difference between Common Centaury and Seaside Centaury sorted out. It helped no end having the two plants growing side by side…suddenly it was obvious that they’re quite different.

I knew that one of them had parallel-sided leaves. It has to be this one (Seaside Centaury):

The leaves on the other (Common Centaury) are quite different.

And the flower on Seaside Centaury is darker, and the petals are a slightly different shape, and its whole appearance is much smaller and tighter. It reminds me of a cake decoration, for some reason.

There was a whole spread of Seaside Centaury at one point:

Along a short way, there was a spread of Common Centaury too.

The Evening Primrose was out, so colourful with its red-tipped leaves, but I didn’t take a picture. Sea pea, Restharrow, Bird’s-foot Trefoil. Lots and lots of Hare’s-foot clover, here with Blue Fleabane. A competition in softness.

Still don’t know this yellow flower, but love the bumblebee. Possibly Buff-tailed?


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