Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Summer Sunday at Elie

I went for an early walk. The car park was full of campervans, but the beach and path were remarkably quiet for a summer Sunday. The weather was quiet too, rain never far off but it stayed away. The birds were all stretching on the rocks, and there was a seal resting there too (just visible in photo).

The stars of the show, plant-wise, were the pyramidal orchids. I only found three spikes up on the path, but coming back, found another couple by chance when I took a short cut down to the beach.

There were the regular summer stars, like lucerne (just holding on against the bracken), the purple-whorled garden escape plant, giant hogweed, and the little white bindweed with the pink stripe on the back. Field Bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis? Must have a closed look next time.

I watched some birds at the shoreline, wondered if they were Dunlin.

There were also linnets in a bush, and ten goosanders swam alongside for part of the way. And noisy children along at the new glamping site. Hopefully having the time of their life and learning to love the coast. Will the whole path be flanked by development some day? Essex? I still resent the Castle golf course (being watched by the golfers) along at St A.

I wasn’t sure what these birds were – I didn’t think they were turnstones, I’d already been watching them (looking very brown striped and scruffy) pecking about in some seaweed. But maybe that’s what they were.


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