Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

A host of new plants

The wild flower class went up to the reservoir at Glen Errochty on a grey, cold, damp day – but it was plant heaven, with the chance to see things I’d never come across before.

There was moonwort, hard to believe it’s a fern. (Wish I’d got a better picture.)

Saxifraga aizoides, Yellow saxifrage (OK, I have seen this before, but not often) – again, going over, but we could see the orange dots on the petals.

There was a beautiful ball of furry moss – I’m thinking Rhytidiadelphus but have yet to sit down and see if I can get closer.

My favourite new plant was the Heath Cudweed, Gnaphalium sylvaticum. The tall spikes weren’t particularly visible among the heather, but what an amazing plant.

Then there was Selaginella selaginoides, Lesser Club-moss. Not a good picture (I’m going to blame the weather for making me rush things) but we saw the little spore clusters under its hooky claws.

And a chance to sort out two types of gentian. First, Field Gentian, Gentianella campestris, with darker flowers and two large outer calyx lobes overlapping two inner lobes. (I think)

Then Autumn Gentian, Gentianella amarella, with equal calyx teeth. (Do hope I was looking at the right thing!)

Coming down the path, we found a solitary, very tall Grass of Parnassus. Perfect. All in all, a great day out.


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