Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Winter birds

It really felt like winter today, frost lingering on the ground and an icy, biting wind. But beautiful sunshine, bringing out the last of the autumn colours and making it good to be out there.

I went along to Kincraig, out by the forest track, round to Ruddon’s Point, along Shell Bay and back over the cliff. Very few flowers. Some pink campion, a tiny red deadnettle, daisies. There was gorse (“of corse”), looking great in the sunshine.

I took this picture thinking it would be good for Wildflowerhour.

Then at the top of the cliffs I found a single little rock rose flower, beautifully lit with shadows on its petals.

But that was really it. However, lots of bird interest to make up for it. The tide was in, and down at the mouth of the burn there were lots of redshanks, oystercatchers, gulls and ducks.

I noticed this dark bird on its own.
I think it’s a Brent Goose.

Coming back down the hill, there were at least 14 curlews in a field.

Do they fly in from Europe? It was good to see them.


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