Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Winter beach and birds

It was this kind of a day.

But at least there was no wind to speak of, and the rain held off.

I went along the beach from Lower Largo to see what birds were about. There were Eider ducks in the sea at Largo, huge flocks of oystercatcher, and loads of gulls. A group of wigeon, making their squeaky toy noises.

I photographed a group of the unidentified waders.

I think it’s bar-tailed godwit – but not very confident about the difference between bar- and black-tailed. Short neck made me plump for bar-tailed, but the picture was too distant to be much use.

No problem at all in identifying the wee sanderlings, scurrying about like clockwork toys.

I just love them.

Along at the end of the beach, I picked up a whole bag of plastic litter but there was so much…however, I also found this lovely crab claw.

At Ruddon’s point, I had a look at the mosses on the tank traps – will be covering them in the other blog, but there are enough there to take up a whole morning. Maybe when it’s warm, I’ll go down with the book and see what can be identified.

I liked the wintry leaves of this grass (is it a grass?)

Coming back, the sun almost broke through the murky sky.

The only flowering plant I saw was gorse.

I was hoping for a primrose to annoy Susan.


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