Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

End of October

It was a beautiful morning. Cold, and the wind was freezing, but lovely day to be out.

And it’s always good to find a mystery as soon as you step out of the car.

Margaret has suggested equisetum, which could well be right.

I went down the Shell Bay forest track, which has been a frequent choice for Sunday walks over the last couple of months.

It’s sheltered, and there are still lots of flowers. Is this Henbit Dead-nettle? I’ll have to check again.

I was playing about trying to get two flowers into each shot. Knapweed and groundsel (if you look hard).

Annual wall rocket and Viper’s Bugloss.

There was also a late Meadowsweet, Common Stork’s-bill, Shepherd’s Purse, and the remains of the Green Field Speedwell.

I went out Ruddon’s point to look at the birds, as the tide was out. Gulls and more gulls. Came across this very raggy little ragwort (think I like it better this way).

I had a quick look at the moss on the tank traps and took a picture, as I’m not sure how much longer they’re going to escape the erosion…

Along Shell Bay, where I filled a bag with plastic stuff and dumped it in the litter bin. It wasn’t obviously messy, but the speed the bag filled up shows how much plastic is there.

Along the path wondering if the Duke of Argyll’s tea bush might have berries, but it didn’t. Up the cliff, where I got another two-for-one shot, Smooth Sow Thistle and a Fumitory.

I decided not to go down the back of the hill, but round the long way…which was a very long way…but it meant I came across this beautiful little Burnet rose in bloom.

I took a couple of hips back home and sowed the seeds, fingers crossed.


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