Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Camilla, Auchtertool

Day 1 of freedom from freedom and I made a start on visiting the New Statistical Account sites, to see what can be re-found.

The minister at Auchtertool listed some tempting plants: Imperatoria ostruthium (not sure, some kind of umbellifer) at Camilla ruins, and Yellow Star of Bethlehem (Gagea lutea), White Butterbur (Petasites albus) and Saxifraga umbrosa (not sure – cousin of London Pride?) at Auchtertool Linn.

I pottered about and found lots of spring flowers.
Barren Strawberry.

Primroses and Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage

One of my favourites, Crosswort, just coming into flower.

It’s one of these plants that I forget about over winter and then remember how much I like it when it appears.

There was moss everywhere.

I found my first Wood anemones of the year! Hanging their heads, and my upwards photo didn’t quite come off.

The rocks at the burn were shaggy with Thamnobryum alopecurum.

Sadly, all the yellow flowers were celandines, but it’s wrong to be sad about that.

Camilla – a strange name – apparently it used to be called Halyards Castle or Palace, but whatever it’s called, there’s not much left at all.

Ground elder leaves everywhere, but I also found some snowdrop leaves and a spread of Few-flowered Garlic, Allium paradoxum.

How did it get here? There was some outside the village, so maybe on someone’s boot?

There were wee lambs in the field, and I enjoyed exploring. Stopped to listen to several invisible chiff-chaffs. Coming back into the village, there’s a wonderfully overgrown wall, with all sorts finding a home there. (Some barren strawberry there at the back.)

So, no luck with the flowers from 170 years ago, but a good morning.


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