Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Kingsbarns coast

A “Wednesday” walk, out on my own in beautiful weather on one of my favourite walks. Not recording plants, just enjoying them flowering all over the place – no more winter days getting excited over single specimens, there are now great drifts of pink campion and cow parsley, bird’s-foot trefoil and plantain. And lovely Thrift.

And Sea Sandwort coming into flower all over the place.

It wasn’t just the plants, I was fascinated by the variety of seaweed in this pool.

Loved this delicate pink one.

The green-fringed pool was a bit creepy though.

The rocks are amazing on this stretch of the coast. This one is gradually eroding away from its flat surface, leaving little outcrops.

I liked the rock behind this pink campion.

And I liked the lichen on the wall.

It was lovely to find these deep red poppies (not dubium) at the edge of this field.

I went up to see what I’d missed in the HB purge on the Kenly burn. Did a bit more weeding. Wished I’d remembered to bring gloves…

Bird-wise, I saw my first terns of the year, several reed buntings and a linnet. Not sure if I saw a twite.

Lunch view.

Things to remember. A colony of cowslips. The “sculpture” on the rock.

Lovely pilosella


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