Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife


I had such a good day out with Sheila and the group. At Keltneyburn, we failed to find many different orchids, but thankfully there were loads of Greater Butterfly.

And of course there were other things to consider.

Red seeds of Pignut.


Chimney Sweeper moths mating while two of the little speckled biting beasties got on with it too (not in the picture though).

I was happy to see the Alpine Bistort, but came away without a photo.

At lunch, we found a rather lovely moth.

It seemed quite at home on Mary’s finger.

Afterwards, we went a short way up the path, admiring Oak fern, Wood Geranium and the waterfalls, and then found what Sheila had been looking for.

Small Cow-wheat, Melampyrum sylvaticum. Darker yellow than the Common Cow-wheat. And much rarer.

But that wasn’t the only rare plant we saw. We stopped off at Corsiehill and tried again to find the Whorled Solomon’s Seal – with some success.

We could only see about 10 plants, none of which seemed to be carrying seeds, and they were pretty overgrown with Sweet Cicely etc. But lovely to find it.


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