Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Ultimate November

There are days when you just have to embrace the bleakness.

Tentsmuir was shrouded in mist, no views today. It was quite eerie hearing invisible dogs barking, and the gunshots from across the water were muffled.

The water droplets on the rushes were beautiful.

This groundsel was the only plant which seemed happy to be in flower.

I like the pared down, stark beauty you get on these days, like the birch cones against the sky.

It troubled me that someone had dropped citrus peel at regular intervals for a long length of the path. Leaving a trail, I guess – but just rubbish to the rest of us.

However, most of the walk was taken up with happier thoughts, admiring the beautiful mosses.

The green they bring to the dunes and the forest at this time of year is wonderful.

I thought at first that these shapes were seals out on the sands – but they weren’t.

The beach has been bisected by an inlet. I’m always surprised how it changes all the time.

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