Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Tentsmuir – best way to spend a Monday morning!

Apart from the dog walkers at the car park, I didn’t see a soul this morning. It was cold but sunny, with a chilly wind which got stronger through the morning.

I went to the right, and found myself going up the little hillock which I don’t usually do. Behind it were several pools of flood water.

Alders reflected in the pool – they look like dancers.
But no birds. A few crows / rooks, and that was it. Tentsmuir was at its most bleakly beautiful, with not a flower to be seen, apart from lovely gorse, which is really enough in itself.

There was just enough colour from the sky reflected in the pools.

And who needs flowers when the moss is looking this good?

I’ll need to do some work to be sure whether there’s one Orthotrichum or two on this slab. Beautiful capsules, some like little toffee apples.

I walked along to the estuary (one black-backed gull) and didn’t linger as I could see rain heading my way. But back in the shelter of the pines, it felt quite warm and I ended up watching a troop of coal tits flitting up and down, feeding in the branches and on the ground. They never stay still. I got one photo – never knew they have little blue feet!

Then there was a rainbow – faint at first (as in my picture) but strengthening to a full bow.

Rain on the wind. I hurried back, stopping only for a close encounter with a red squirrel on one of the young pines. There’s always something special at Tentsmuir.

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