Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Geese and other things

I took a little walk up the side of the Eden at Guardbridge on this beautiful sunny morning, and the first bird I was was the Little Egret. Still such a treat to see it, even though it’s now a regular at the estuary.I could hear geese, and then saw them, hundreds, camped in the field across the river. Just too far for comfort with the binoculars. I tried some long-range photos.I think these are Pink-footed Geese – the colouring and the “wink wink” sound. Something scared them, and they all took to the air. Beautiful sight. Flower-wise, I only found a single Celandine, but the Scurvy Grass is nearly out. Oh, and how could I forget the gorse blooming in the sun, with a matching Yellowhammer on top? And a Flowering Currant, a lovely sign of spring. There was also an invisible Reed Bunting (one, two three…one, two, threefour), a tree full of Linnets, Redshanks among the gulls and oystercatchers on the mud, and a last look at the Little Egret.

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