Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

The Cowslip Field

Last week this seemed impossible, but this week I decided to give it a try and set off for the Cowslip Field.

The hawthorn hedge is coming into flower and I reminded myself of the two species. First, the common one, Crataegus monogyna with its single stigma. (And lovely pink anthers.)

Then the Midland hawthorn, Crataegus laevigata, which has two stigmas and more rounded leaves.

The hedge was full of pink campion and glimpses of marsh marigold at the edge of the burn. I stopped to hear a Sedge Warbler (I think ) but never saw it. But I did see my first House Martin of the year.

Walking up the field edge, I could see the spread of yellow in the distance.

I was so pleased not to have missed them this year.

They were beginning to go over, but still beautiful.

There was some Meadow Foxtail bobbing about in the wind, with its purple anthers turning brown.

I thought it was too much of an ask to go on to the main road, so turned back. Lovely views over the fields, which are just the best kind of green just now.

This picture reminds me that the clouds were wonderful today.

Starlings were pecking about the cows’ ankles.

This wee one just asked for its picture to be taken.

Flower-wise, I was happy to find Geranium dissectum and genuinely pink Pink Purslane.

And I got close to a rabbit, and watched a junior goldfinch being fed by its parent. So glad that I can do this again.

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