Mainly about the wild flowers of Fife

Lade Braes

Not the same as

I often seem to find myself realising that two plants I thought were the same are not…Fumitories and Vetches, Crowsfoot and Kidney Vetch. Later, I can’t imagine why I didn’t see it all along.

Anyway, I’m getting wise to the way my ignorance can lure me into wrong identifications… A couple of weeks ago I saw this growing beside the burn down the Lade Braes. I didn’t know what it was – I knew what it was like (although I didn’t know its name either) – but this time realised one wasn’t the same as the other.

The mystery:

This is what I knew it wasn’t – turns out to be Hedge Woundwort, here growing in a crevice between rocks on the coastal path near Crail.

I went round and round the plant books trying to decide what the mystery was, not helped by the shiny (rain-drenched) picture. Today I went back and had another look at the plants. And the verdict this time – Marsh Woundwort.

Like, but not the same as.

A trio of garlic

Walking along the Lade Braes I saw these flowers, which I’ve noticed in previous years but never got round to naming.

Flipping through the flower books didn’t help. And I hadn’t taken a sample home so I couldn’t try keying it out. But fortunately someone had uploaded a picture complete with identification to the Flora of the British Isles section on Flikr. Few Flowered Garlic (or Leek), Allium Paradoxum – what a great name.

Two of its cousins are growing close by – Three-cornered Garlic…

…and Ransoms, below.

The flower book says Three-cornered Garlic is vr in Scotland. But the same wood has a double-flowered wood anemone just like the one I bought at Gardening Scotland, so I think maybe someone has done a bit of planting…


18 January 2010

After all the snow, it was so good to see snowdrops out on lunchtime walk along the Lade Braes.

Don’t think this should really count as a wild flower sighting, but beautiful and welcome even so.