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After the storm

It was still blowing strongly, but sunny and I went down to Elie to have another look at a mystery moss.

The stones at the beginning of the beach are all uncovered, and I don’t remember these large boulders?

The waves had been right up to the banking, and had left a mixture of gravel and sand behind. (Nice and easy to walk on.)

I loved the way the wind had splattered sand against the boulders, and piled up smooth mounds against them.

More pristine sand later on – before I walked on it.

There were lots of oystercatchers and some redshanks, but it wasn’t a day for birdwatching with binoculars. There was a little pipit-type bird not at all pleased to see me – it did a sideways dance along the shore.

Then I found my first Coltsfoot of the year. And it would never have been photographed if it hadn’t been the first, poor muddy squished thing. But a sign of better things to come.

The snowdrops are still cascading down the cliff, and it still looks odd to me.

The mystery moss was looking beautiful. Like a green velvet brain. Or something.

Coming back was much harder going, with the wind (and sometimes rain) in my face, but it was lovely to find this Celandine – the first this year apart from the Lade Braes one. Blowing all over the place, so it was difficult to get a sharp picture.

Finally, the sea turtle came into view. Or is it a snail?