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Summer flowers and strawberries

After a quick decision to take a sunny day off work I was heading for the Lomonds, but I got waylaid by the old quarry field and the peace and heat up in the hills above Cults.

I must remember not to try to get through the fence again – not fun, with nettles at face height…especially when you get stuck in the fence. Once I was in, I was a bit disappointed that the cows have grazed heavily this year. But there was still a whole host of flowers to find, including eyebright, ox-eye daisy, self-heal, fairy flax. And scabious.

Timothy and Cocks-foot in full flower.

Red Bartsia.

I went down through the woodland, past the scary hole, to see if the Twayblade was still flourishing, and it is.

Back at the car, I parked at the z-bend and wrote up a list, before I forgot. It was so peaceful. I watched a grey squirrel eating young hawthorn berries. Decided not to go to the Lomonds.

Along at the lime kiln, there was a bush of what looks like Musk Mallow.

I wasn’t sure if this was a garden escape. The book was no help, just saying that the epicalyx was narrower in Musk Mallow – but how are you supposed to work that one out?

There was marjoram and the world’s biggest hebe.

There were endless strawberries and raspberries – I ate some and filled a little bag to take home, had them with some Luvians ice-cream. I also spent some time comparing two willowherbs. Think this one is American Willowherb, with its club-shaped stigma.

Then there was an unexpected Bladder Campion, like a little bunch of green grapes.

On the other side of the road, there was Lysimachia and Fox-and-cubs, and also this silvery Alchemilla:

It was too hot to carry on, but I had just enough energy to admire these spirally, split black seed pods.

Also pleased to see the hogweed bonking beetles, doing what they do best but not on hogweed this time.