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Another afternoon walk out from Tayport to Tentsmuir point. The tide was far out. I admired the Sea Asters in the saltmarsh, with the view across the Tay.

Had another look at the tangled spurrey, and yes, it’s Corn Spurrey, Spergula arvensis. About half a dozen plants dotted around.

What I love about Tentsmuir (well, one of the 1001 things I love about Tentsmuir) is that you can set off thinking that you might look for such and such, and end up completely intrigued by something totally different. Today it was fungi which kept catching my eye.

This one looked like a goblet from some mystical tale, and the wavy edge was superb.

This one was like a little hedgehog. The beastie which has chewed a hole in it was there too.

This one wasn’t pretty – I wonder what the rabbits thought about this burrow blocker.

There were still flowers to see on the heath, including eyebright, birds-foot trefoil, milkwort and a few ragged robins.

And I loved the Angelica, which has taken over from the Hogweed – much fluffier, and very pretty close up.

I could hear the eerie sound of seals crying to each other, and headed over to the coast to see them. They were far out on the sandbank, just within range for the binoculars. I sat and watched them, and the tide, and the birds on the disappearing sandbanks. So peaceful.

I heard a noise like a stone drop – then a few minutes later, actually saw the gull fly up with a shell (limpet?) and drop it from about 20 feet on to the beach, then fly down and peck the food. Clever gull! The entire beach was empty (another reason I love Tentsmuir).

Coming back, there was Astralagus Danicus, always a pleasure, and that inspired me to set a target of 50 flowers on the way back to the car.

Among them was Toadflax, which I’ve never seen here before.

And a beautiful bedraggled white campion.

And the weird little flower of – I think – Chenopodium album, Fat Hen. Five tepals, according to the book.