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Last day out?

I made sure I went somewhere quiet today, but have a feeling this was probably the last outing for a while. Along at Leslie, I followed the path by the river Leven. Gave up the path to Auchmuir Bridge because of impassable mud, but found another route which turned into a circular walk in lovely countryside.

The river was lower than a few weeks ago, but still rushing along, lots of noise and movement.

There weren’t many flowers, but lots of fresh young leaves. Think these ones are Arum maculatum, Lords and Ladies.

There was a good spread of young garlic leaves by the river.

On the ground, still some scarlet Elfcups, but looking a bit battered.

I passed by a farm with a garden which was half submerged – not sure what happened there, but I’ve never seen anything like it. The farmyard (dry) had these lovely coltsfoot.

Finally, a picture of the amazing shaking bush from a couple of weeks ago – now only the smallest tremors as the river is so much calmer.